Used Tanning Beds, Used Tanning Booths, UV FREE spray tan

Reposun: Used repossessed recovered Tanning Beds, Tanning booths, Vending machines and Coin Laundry Equipment. 

We work with all the major Finance Companies, Banks and Landlords.  If they dont pay, we take it away for you (and help sell it to recover losses). Finance Companies, Banks, Landlords and BUYERS 
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Ergoline Classic 300 Super Beds with 38 Bulb with 3 High Pressure watt Face Tanners

WE HAVE FOUR exactly the same. Ergoline 300 Classic 38/3 beds.  Call Gary and make an offer.  This bed was $14,995 new.  You can get it for $1,995 or make an offer (609)-442-4804

Heartland Ovation 134/3 VLR Super Bed with 3 High Pressure Face Tanners

We have TWO of these beds.  They look great.  We recovered a complete Haertland Salon with 8 Heartland Tanning Units.  This unit can be yours for ONLY $1,894 or BEST OFFER.  Call Gary (609)-442-4804 to make an offer on ONE or ALL.
America's Best Tan ... HEARTLAND.
Check out the beds below.  Let us know if you want any before they are gone.

JUST IN, 14 HOLLYWOOD TANS HT Tanning Booths with dressing rooms. (ONLY 9 Left)
 We have HT-42 Booths, HT-54 Booths and HT-60 Booths. 

Fantastic Tanning Power
Choose from the HT-42, 54 and 60.  Dont wait because they are selling fast!

These booths look like copies of the Suncapsule but they are made of steel. It is made to last a lifetime! Some have stainless steel doors and others are white.  These units have dressing rooms so there is no need to build anything.

The 42 is a 12 minute booth level 4, the 54 is a 10 minute booth level 5 and the 60 is an 8 minute booth level 6.

ONLY 9 left as of May 26th.
  MAKE OFFERS NOW or call (609)-442-4804

Royal Sun Super VHR 46 Bulb Bed with 6 HIGH PRESSURE FACE TANNERS

DONT MISS THIS DEAL!  We just recovered this Level 6 Top of the line Super Bed only $2,374 or Best offer! Was $18,995 new
 MAKE OFFER NOW!  (609)-442-4804 or email

TROPICAL Face Tanning Machine 6,000 watts

This unit matches the other tropical Tanning bed we have listed above.  It has a very comfortable chair that adjust for your comfort.  It has THREE 2,000 watt High Pressure Face Tanners and cooling system.  This is a great machine for people who just want a face tan.  It takes up very little room.

or call Gary (609)-442-4804

Royal Sun Focus 50 Bulb Super VHR Booth with 18 Bronze Spaghetti bulbs.

This bed is the ROYAL SUN Focus Super VHR 50/18 Bulb with 18 bronze face and leg bulbs.  It was $19,995 new.  You can STEAL IT now for $2,195 obo.  Call Gary (609)-442-4804.  Do you need a full salon?  We can customize a package for you and save you up to $100,000 and more!

Sundash Ergoline SD-2 32 bulbs with 11 Spaghetti face tanners built in.

We have TWO of these units.  They are all metal and have 11 Spaghetti face tanners built in.  Sundash and Ergoline are the same company.
Call Gary (609)-442-4804 or write us

TWO SunStar Wolff Speed 175 with 30 bulbs and 3 High Pressure Face Tanners

Nice Wolff beds with high pressure face tanners.  Were $9,995 each new NOW ONLY $1,350.  You can make an offer on just  Call Gary (609)-442-4804 or email us

on this Mymist MULTIMIST Fully automatic MyMystic MTI 5000 UV FREE Spray Tan Booth with voice prompt and automatic door. This is a pretty unit and the door opens like STAR TREK. 

MyMist Mystic MTI 5000 Winner of the INDUSTRY CHOICE Awards two years in a row!  This unit was $33,995 when new plus installation cost.  This salon paid over $35,000 for this unit. Mystic sells used ones for $17,000.  Others are asking $12,000-$15,000. Dont waste your hard earned money! You can have it for PENNIES on the dollar.  Look at the pictures below and make an offer today before it is gone or call Gary (609)-442-4804

SOLD!  Sunliner Turbo 32/3 Super VHR bed with 3 High Pressure Face Tanners

THIS IS THE LAST Sunliner SUPER VHR Turbo Beds we have.  They have 32 bulbs (16 VHR on top and 16 HO reflective bronzing bulbs) and 3 HIGH PRESSURE Face Tanners that are 500 watts each.  You have to see how clean they are.  These are great Level 4 Upgrade Beds.  These beds cost over $9,995 new each.  SOLD

Mymist Stainless Steel With Dressing Room custom made for HT

This is the newer Mymist that is similar to the VERSA SPA.  It takes the cartridges and allows a perfect UV FREE TAN.  This is the MyMist by Mystic that is custom made in stainless steel for Hollywood Tans.  They charge $29 a visit.  This machine is quiet too.  It was $24,995 new.  MAKE US AN OFFER AND STEAL IT FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR (609)-442-4804

SOLD!  Hydration Station Pod

salon owners are searching for ways to offer more without having to completely change their existing business model. Hydration Station is the answer. Hydration Station was designed to integrate flawlessly into your existing business model. Hydration Station is the key to retaining existing clients with new indulgent and luxurious spa services, driving retail sales and membership sales and attracting new clientele looking for ways to pamper themselves.This system offers a self-service approach, simple operations and maintenance, and an extremely fast return on investment

This unit was $17,995 new.  MAKE OFFERS before it is GONE (609)-442-4804


HT 42 Bulb High Output Tanning Booth with 42 Reflective Bulbs

Dont miss out on this GREAT DEAL!  We have three of these booths with dressing rooms.  They were $13,995 new each.  Come see them  or call Gary for information or to make offers (609)-442-4804

    Join our list. Get the first shot at anything recovered, Ask us any questions and MAKE OFFERS to the finance companies.  They sell these items for pennies on the dollar! If you are a landlord or finance company, contact us for a quote to recover and resell your equipment

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Used Tanning Beds, Used Tanning Booths, UV FREE spray tan